Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What to do when you bought too many goodies in Paris and you can't zip your suitcase

Poster-tube cookie carrier!

An innocent poster tube? Just wait . . .

Surprise! Cookies!
I fit some fancy french tea in there also.
I had a fun time explaining to the French airport security why my "poster" weighed five pounds and made clunking noises when it moved back and forth.

My original plan was to purchase some French wine post-security and also stash it in the tube, but the woman at the duty-free shop reminded me that, since I was doing customs at JFK, I would have to pass through a second security screen and they would make me throw it away. Oh well, only two-buck chuck for me.


  1. would they really make you throw it away? I refuse to believe. WHy do you think customs free does so well at the airport? Or why I am such a sucker for customs free at the airport?

  2. have I told you how absolutely effing thrilled I am that you've started a blog? I love it. LOVE it. and not just because of all the kitten talk. and poster-tube repurposing. you're just awesome.