Thursday, April 7, 2011

Early spring in Minnesota (but mostly just an excuse to post more pictures of creatures)

It was 60 degrees and sunny in Minneapolis today, and so, being the good Minnesotan that I am, I decided to take a walk by the lake.

Sometimes I think God gave our great state so many lakes so that Minnesotans would have one nice thing to look at in early spring. This is not the most flattering of times for the northern climes (yay cheesy rhyme!). Roads and boulevards are encrusted with dirt and talc residue left from winter saltings. Leaves don't emerge until late April. And the new grass has to fight through the peat bog seal of dead leaves and mold left over from the fall.

And so, on the first 60 degree day of the year, people and animals alike converge on the lake, the first bastion of color among the grays and browns of spring.

The waterfowl were out in droves at the new drainage pond by Lake Calhoun, some of which let me take photos.


Hey there, cutie

A mallard and his wake

A white heron, hunting fish and proving that awkward  really is beautiful

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