Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kara v. Book #2: Kara Jean and the Library

It is a well documented fact that I (species Kara of the genus jean), when observed in my natural habitat, will exhibit the instinctive behavior of packing the walls, floors, and occasionally ceilings of my den with large quantities of books.

While the orthodox view attributes this act solely to the pursuit of knowledge and entertainment (both which require actual reading of the books) recent studies have indicated that these paper bond objects can impart a sense of comfort and warmth to those near them, even if forever left unread. Occasionally they are even used as bedding material.

The books may be gathered from any source: bookstores, used bookstores, garage sales, estate sales, occasionally the side of the road. However, the greatest hauls seem to derive from a single source, chosen for it's availability, easy access, and low cost:

The library.

One summer in college it was observed that a collection of over 50 library books (carrying with them over $70 in fines) had amassed in my den. It took two crates to haul them back to the library once classes began.

And so, not unexpectedly, one of the first things I said to my mom upon arriving home for my medical leave, right after "I love you" and before, "What's for dinner?" was, "Can I borrow your library card?"

She gave me a look and reluctantly handed it over.


Library haul April 2011

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